You can easily book your lessons by calling or emailing us. We are very flexible, so don’t hesitate to call us by even short notice!

Show jumping lessons

We have nice selection of horses from beginners to more advanced riders. Please contact us by email or phone and tell us more about yourself by booking so that we know which horse will suit you the best.

  • Private lesson 50e
  • Group lesson with 2-4 riders 35e

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Trail Rides

We provide lovely trail rides from 1 to 2 hour trips. Depending from the level of riders, we can have a relaxing walk by the river or a nice hack on the top of the mountains of Coin including Trott and canter parts. Please tell us about yourself while booking so that we know which horse will suit you the best possible way! 

  • 50 € / 2h
  • 35 € / 1h

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Dressage lessons

Would you like to learn how to ride? Or have a lesson with shoulder in´s and counter canter? Our horses are well educated and you will for sure enjoy your ride! Tell more about yourself by booking so that we know your level of riding!

  • Private lesson 1H 50e
  • Group lesson of 2-4 riders 35e

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Hi, my name is Erika, but most of people call me Pikkis even here in Spain! Im originally from Finland but I have been based in Spain already 5 years. 

I have been teaching since I was 18 years old and I have a lot of experience from both private and group lessons. I absolutely love teaching and I want to help all my students to reach their goals, no matter the level. 

I have competed up to 4*145 classes in showjumping and Intermediate B in dressage. At the moment I have my stable full of future superstars and I absolutely love working with youngsters. I have a lot of patience which I can see as an advantage as a rider and a teacher. 

Waiting to meet and teach you!


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